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Welcome to United Bible University

The University is the 2nd Bible University in Africa, the best in Nigeria and one of the fast-growing theological Universities in the world. UBU is a federation of five colleges founded on October 22, 1994. It is the most diverse Bible University in Nigeria. UBU degrees have an international reputation for excellence.

UBU prides itself on an outstanding reputation for teaching and research. It has a proud reputation for the quality of its degree programmes. With a history dating back to 1994, our track record in producing graduates of the highest caliber is rivaled by few Christian / Bible Institutions. Membership of ACTS is a further mark of quality and ensures that with the rigours of study at the highest level comes recognition the world over.

Courses are designed to be relevant to humanity in Nigeria in particular by out experts.

Our Christian and theological research is considered the best in Nigeria. The University maintains consistently high standards across all areas of study.

UBU regards training as a key to successful research. The training in the University is intended to cover the specialized skills and methodologies needed to conduct research and to bring that research to completion, to assist students and supervisors to work together, to provide additional learning experiences. The training programme is also an important opportunity to meet and share experiences with other post-graduates.

Prof Kunle Macaulay

Director of Studies.




United Bible University, a non-denominational University, was founded on Saturday October 22, 1994, by Professor Augustus Olakunle Macaulay, an advocate of Christian religion, a theologian, a Bible Scholar, and a renowned Bible teacher. The university is the educational arm of Christian Soul-Winners Worldwide Inc. which was registered with the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
United Bible University is laden with the responsibility of providing higher educational opportunities for self-motivated achievers and practically seeks high educational qualities, ingenuity, creativity combined with thoroughness. Thus, the University is conscious that accomplished individuals with well-informed and flexible minds require an educational structure designed exclusively for practicing men and women of God.

As already mentioned, the University is a non-denominational higher institution that embraces all Christians irrespective of their race, nationality, colour, ethnic origin, sex, age, profession and status. United Bible University is not a place where people are trained to become Christians but rather, a place where Christian leaders are trained to elitism. In the college men and women of God are trained with efficiency, integrity and skill and sent forth to go and lead the world for Christ. Hence, we offer high quality, comprehensive and up-to-date Christian, biblical, theological programmes and 24 hours (around the clock) instructor support.

United Bible University is committed to providing each student with access to a relevant, broad, balance, quality learning experience which promotes and develops Christian and theological education and social responsibility as lifelong activities. 
The vision and mission of United Bible University are spiritual, as such the courses are specially designed to build men and women of God. We abhor discrimination, nepotism, tribalism and anything that will make a man or group of people feel unwanted or unloved as our students are drawn from all walks of life, namely: mechanics, electricians, businessmen, doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, accountants, the military, police force, teachers, civil servants, church workers, house wives, et-cetera. We encourage the fulfillment of the law of God, which Jesus described as love for God and love for fellow human beings. 
The university campus is strategically located in quiet surroundings at 36/38, Yakoyo Road,Ojodu-Ikeja, Lagos State and boasts of a conducive-learning environment. Ojodu is a dynamic and prosperous new town in Lagos State with an impressive infrastructure of transportation and communication, modern industrial development and newly established technology based enterprises. It is a safe place to work and travel around.
Before students of United Bible University are graduated, they must meet the following graduation requirements:
  1. Approved christian character.
  2. Completion of all programme requirements.
  3. Satisfactory completion of the professional development programme, i.e. the Practical Christian Ministry (PCM) in churches.
  4. Approval of the faculty.
  5. Settlement of all financial obligations to the university.
The body responsible for approvals:
ACTS:- Association of Christian Theologians.
The United Bible University’s major educational aim is to provide courses of study and research of high standing from certificate to higher degrees. The courses are specially designed for individuals who are sufficiently motivated to make up a demanding and challenging commitment in order to realize the ideals and aspirations of Christian religion to its fullness. 
The university lays emphasis on quality of its courses of study and research, and constant improvement of its courses of study and research. 

Professional And Ministerial Courses:

Professional and ministerial courses are designed for men and women who want to go into church work full time.

Effective Christian and ministerial training is done by Moses Iloh Preachers College that provides credible Evangelists, pastors, church planters, missionaries, prayerists, church mangers and administrators for church consumption.

This is the highest policy making in United Bible University
Academic Advisory Council members are experienced people from relevant professional bodies appointed to advise academic council
The Board has the responsibility of developing, directing, regulating, and standardizing education of all courses in the University.
The Academic Manager who is also a member of the board is ultimately responsible for all activities on the campus. Most of the day-to-day running of the University is delegated to other members of staff. 
Most of the faculty act as supervisors but they are responsible to the Academic Dean for the well being of students in their group. 
This Council exists to represent the interest of and enhance the life of all students at United Bible university. It also promotes the activities of the students. 
There is academic and non-academic staff. In addition to day to day contact with academic and administrative staff each student receives individual advice from his or her personal tutor who is available for consultations throughout the academic year.
United Bible University boasts of teaching staff that is made up of qualified and experienced men and women from a wide range of discipline. Some of the members of the faculty have internationally recognized Outreach Ministries, as such they tap from wide-range international experience. 
In United Bible University, the lecturer is a specialist and an expert in the subject he/she is handling. A lecturer in theology is an expert in the same and handles just that; a Biblical History Lecturer is an expert and specialist in the same. The lecturer that handles Divinity cannot mix it up with Theological Science or History, but is a specialist of Divinity.
The staff provide advise about course organization, module, choice, study skills and learning resources and other helps as need demands.


The first registrar of the Bible University.


Snr Lecturer and first General Co-ordinator.


The longest serving staff Academic Dean.


First Academic Dean.